´╗┐ cash-way - Interfaces



  •     Single cash state kind
  •     Several cashes as a client with server
  •     Mobile cashes as a Tablet singles full cashes
  •     Several Tablets autonomous
  •     Several Tablets as a client with server and standard cashes in server
  •     FTP to other location, e.g., accountancy
Hotel interfaces and others
  • HS/3, ASA Hogatex, Laserline (Kroatien),
  • Protel file-Schnittstelle, Protel SOAP/XML,
  • Ultra Soft, Velotel, Standard csv-Schnittstelle
  • Addimat, Habimat, Einöder,  Hartec, WMF E-Protokoll Ausschankkontrole etc.