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Professional software for Gastro and retail trade

  Achievement signs of the Cash-way cash:
  Retail trade, kiosk or take – Away
  • Able of foreign currency
    Evaluations (of day weekly turnovers and month turnovers)
    Article lists and price-lists, customer statistics
    Address module etc.
    Export of documents, report in Excel
    Data takeover of Excel
    An easy configuration and settings
    An easy binding of printers,
    Pub arrangements, waiter's castles, scanners scales
    Binding etc.
    Able of network, about office
Cash functions
  • Individually adaptable touchscreen surface with freely determinable badges for article and goods groups
    Individually adaptable touchscreen surface in the space editor. Linking of table to guest.
    Light service for the service, quick sure account for the guest
    Switchable design (Skin) of the complete cash surface, every conceivable design possibly
    Dynamic dimensions adaptation of the surface – also Wide-Screen suitably
    Software on every Windows PC or notebook puttable in 15“ has to do (17“ recommended)
    Modular construction of the software, any time with every module extendable
    Prize levels by hand or time-steered, day manner place of the prize levels about multitool, if one shoots up. Change-over. Linking, space, article, guest address, staff customer prices, sales discount, position discount,
    Document discount payments via grit or bar, credit cards WE and export of the receipt in one
    Calculation (PDF filing) calculation with addresses (entertainment document) or A4 as Deb. Calculation with EZ
    Park function, document cancelation, calculation stress
    Cash code support, control of cash drawer, voucher printer, customer display
Address management and A4 calculations
  • Address management incl. filing system of all data
    Address customer's account, contact, charge cards, discounts, senior citizen's account,
    variable allocation of the articles which assign to the account or map, discounts or.
    The prize levels which are automatically registered
    Proficient collective account and month account for companies or senior citizens with map as
    Debit or loan system account balance about address,
    Personnel number via payroll accounting and also again about map possibly
Article management and special functions
  • Goods group management
    Price changes with start times and end times
    Camp state
    Multitool prize levels, base price change, reduction, impact, In terms of percentage
    Filter functions, single articles directly, In groups, prize levels and searching functions
    Main section, section as a searching function sold articles, day, week, month
    Professional software for retail trade
    All articles and all goods groups can be shifted afterwards. Simply with that
    Mouse key select whether article or goods groups
    Food prefix automatic with article and printer allocation at the order place with info of delivery
    Article texts write or send handwritten info for the kitchen with
Article recipe and camp state management
  • Recipe article with arrangement from the article trunk list
    Stock location management, one book and receiving control
    Camp state control with sales barrier

Time recording

  • The time begins after the registration with the key or about number
    The grasped times can be expelled any time afterwards.
    Issue on printer

Document management

  • A4-calculation, calculation stress,
    Entertainment document,
    All forms individually workable on
The Cash-way cash is completely furnished delivered to a firm offer without hidden add-on costs. Software licence unique without consequential costs. A Swiss product of the special class. We have own programming and can come at special wishes.