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Takeway the a little bit other catering trade business

Cash-way helps you to master the for a short time big crush playing
With Takeway's is as a rule a big Frequentierung for the midday. The direct selling is surely right there.
Indeed, to the support of the communication with the kitchen a printer is right in the kitchen absolutely. A low additional expenditure, however, with big use
In the evening guests will also appear do not have any more so in a great hurry. If still tables exist to your salesroom, now one can book on this so long to the guest paid-up.
This will lead to higher turnover. 



Very much respectedly from habitués becomes that is not always just collected. A dot in itself the habitués interfere, you lose one or other only so.
Cas-way helps you to avoid this, while you book on a chair and print afterwards simply the calculation. 






With Cash-way house service of delivery quite especially!

An absolute highlight is the Handling by the sales with house delivery.
This shows the execution figuratively displayed. From the telephone order, change of standard product, address enter and assign to the courier.
If the courier's table is a lilac, the courier is On the way to the customer. If it is a suburb, again
if the delivery can be accounted and be booked.