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Hairdresser hairdressers Cash-way makes easier your control.


A hairdresser drawing room as a company to lead, has like other branches of profession, his peculiarities in the everyday execution.
Are there employees with their information separated you about turnover and sales need? Cash-way makes it for you!
Or do you have partner them at most at own account work?
Then Cash-way is the right system of your company.
Only a sales product in the camp? They want to know WHEN or WHO has sold this in the last time?
Cash-way clears all these questions for you about the internal sales analysis.
A little bit completely special is that you can grasp your customer directly via the assigned seat and then account also the products and services about this.
Their advantage consists in the fact that the cash box remains freely freely for other booking entries.
No product goes forgotten if one books everything immediately on the suitable space.

On the version for hairdressers, the extensive address administration with is installed.
Cash-way Software
Cash-way has an operator friendly cash box face.
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