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Baker's loading with bistro

Baker's and pastry shops do not run increasingly any more "only" retail sale.
More and more combine the sales of cakes and pastries with a bistro or a café.
Cash-way offers exactly for this the top to solution. Cash-way offers separated behaviour of the cash box. With the retail sale the monetary drawer becomes automatic opened, however, with the service, only by request.
The sales are separated about the service key.

The accounts can be displayed completely and individually.
That is it can be distinguished after tag, sales or service as well as whether retail sale or bistro.
Of course also the complete turnover of the company.


Cash-way can be extended when required just like that.
This, for example, with a culinary printer. Merely another printer must be installed. In addition, you need an Once Licence.
Otherwise there originate no add-on costs or consequential costs. They can create your rooms just as it corresponds to your images. 

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 webdesign by ces schmid