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Cash-way  Version 2.0 leaves open no wish.

Cash-way is a thought-out system, constructed from many years' experience. The system is built up Modular, in the hardware as well as in the software. The base system exists of an once Licence without other consequential costs.
Updates are free and are available on our server. Additional modules are extensions and, therefore, at the owner's expense.
The following representation shows the construction of a completely upgraded cash box system.

Schema of a cash box system with Cash-way Server.

This schema shows the full upgrading of a cash box system with all possibilities.
We have not taken the printers in the schema.
It are possible up to eight printer allocations.
However, normally 4 printers are sufficient.
The printers can be also connected over the normal current net, if a LAN connection is not possible.
Ask us for the possibilities. We compile the optimum system of your company for you.


Cash-way also applicable as a single cash box for the guest evening gown empire,
Takeway, baker's and bistro or only for trade.
The model of the hardware is always the same one.
About the licence it is determined what must can / make the cash box.
Thereby it is simply to be changed the demands immediately and to customise your need.


Extension on two Cash-way standard cash boxes. 
Extension on two standard cash boxes.
Both cash boxes work separated. They can contain the same articles or, however, also different products.
If the cash boxes in the local net are connected, one can access of every cash box separately a culinary printer.
If one wishes a central administration it makes sense to integrate a Cask-way cash box server into the wetting. With it all options are available to you, because all devices are administered by the server.    

Extension with the new mobile Cash-way cash Tablet.
These cash boxes are fully functioning. Completely without restrictions.
So not ONLY input help, but exactly like with the standard cash box can be created accounts like bar, cards, on calculation, transfer, Maison, lunch check, hotel,–> everything is possible. Also tables take over from another waiter or change the booking of whole tables to another cash box.  
It is also to be run possibly only mobile cash Tablets. 
In addition all printers, if possibly, on the local network must be integrated.
If is not possible or no local net is available, the printers about Bluetooth can be connected. 
Thus you receive an absolutely independent wireless cash box system.